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eCommerceWe develop shopping cart applications for your site that step through the life cycle of eCommerce application development:

Identify User Requirements

The first step in developing an eCommerce application is to interview the user base to generate a list of features to be included in the application. This comprises the important input for defining the capabilities of the application. There are two sets of users of shopping cart applications: site administrators and end users who purchase items via their Web browsers.

Choose Web Technologies

The requirements for eCommerce call for the application to be Web-based with an HTML front end compatible with a variety of browsers. The application will require a database to store user transactions (such as items ordered by the user) and to list items available through the electronic store.

The application must also include a middle tier consisting of the Web server and scripts executed by the server to process requests sent from Web browsers. (Browsers send HTTP requests to the middle tier.) The middle tier accesses relevant information in the database, processes the data, and sends replies back to clients.

Integrate Functional Schema

We carefully consider the eCommerce schema to design efficient end user features to make the Internet marketplace pleasant for both customers and site administrators.