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Web programmingHypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language we use to encode World Wide Web documents. It is a document-layout and hyperlink-specification language that defines the syntax and placement of special, embedded directions that aren't displayed by a Web browser but tell it how to display the contents of the document, including text, images, and other supported media.

This language also enables us to specify how to make a document interactive through special hypertext links, which connect your documents on your local system, the World Wide Web, and other Internet resources such as FTP and Gopher.

X/HTML Document Structure

An HTML document consists of text, which comprises the content of the document, and document control markers, or "tags," which define the structure and appearance of the document.

In the head of each document we give your HTML pages a title, and indicate other parameters the browser may use when displaying the document. We put the actual contents of your HTML document in the body of the Web page. This includes the text for display and document control markers that advise the browser how to display the text. Document control markers also reference special effects files such as graphics and sound, and indicate the hot spots ("hyperlinks" or "anchors") that link your documents to other documents.

Our HTML programming also supports a rich set of JavaScript event handlers through related "on" event tag attributes.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

If the final goal of Web publishing is for your site to be readable by anyone in the world, you can't count on your readers having the same computer systems, the same screen size, the same number of monitor display colors, or the same fonts that you have. Our HTML programming expertise takes into account all these differences, and allows all browsers and all computer systems to be on equal ground.

HTML is the lingua franca of the Web, and our HTML-programmed Web pages are platform independent. They can be viewed on any computer system on any size screen with any graphics display. Our HTML code is also incredibly bandwidth friendly, and is well-documented to assure portability and easy maintenance of your Web site.